Victor Y & Lou Millar: Blueprint

Continuing our strong tradition of supporting Australian talent, Open Records is proud to present Victor Y and Lou Millar’s stunning single Blueprint, with remixes by Doppel and Illusions Tenfold.

Ord Rede: Alkaline

Open Records is proud to present Alkaline, the long-awaited debut from new Australian project Ord Rede, including original and remixes by Lateral and Doppel.

Thankyou City: Desert Fathers

Open Records kick off 2017 in style with a Trans-Tasman excursion into the modern sound of progressive music, featuring Thankyou City and Out Of Sorts.

Doppel: Melt

Open Records is proud to present our long-awaited return to the game with Doppel’s amazing new release Melt.

FunkForm: Imprinted

Open Records returns to the fold with Imprinted, a stunning new release from four artists leading Australia’s progressive renaissance.

Timmus: Squizzle Kleph

Open Records is proud to present our first release from Timmus, yet another amazing artist to emerge from hotbed of talent that is Australia’s cultural capital Melbourne. Possessing a style and [...]

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